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The photos here span the last 3 or 4 years and include the small number of states I have been able to shoot in.  Michigan, Montana, Washington, and California are really the only places I have been since I started taking photography as seriously as I do now.

Black and White photography is my first love.  Although color has begun to creep its way into my work, I still gravitate towards black and white.  I know it is not very original but I really admire Ansel Adams.  He was able to accomplish wonderfully detailed images, often with no more than one or two shots and without the benefit today's light digital cameras.  He has inspired me to not only take better photographs, but to think about why I am a photographer and what the images purpose might be.

I am drawn to all black and white photographers as well because I feel black and white helps to boil down the image into it's more base components, forcing the viewer to see the shapes and contrasts that are present and that can be lost with the distraction of color.  Black and White forces you to look at a place in a way you normally can't, which I hope brings an opportunity to see it in a different way.
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