Bridal Veil Falls is one of the many attractions of the Lake Serene
Trail.  If you look at my work from 2005 and 2006, it is very obvious
that I have hiked this trail several times and am very fond of the
varied and beautiful sights along the hike.  This image taken October
2006, a very productive month, and this day, October 14, was a
particularly productive day for me.  We usually just headed for the
lake, but we decided to go up to the falls.  I was sure glad we made
the "side" trip.  The rock face was very tall and the streams of water
cut across in wonderful patterns and shapes.  I love looking at this
image because I can study how the water comes down and it gives it
real personality for me.  This image makes me feel close to the falls,
able to study its intimacies without interruption.  Just for reference to
the size of the falls, the stump in the lower left corner is large enough
to be hiding my wife on the other side.
Bridal Veil Falls
Lake Serene Trail                      Washington
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