As I type this desciption I am reminded once again at how well the
Lake Serene Trail has treated me.  I have gotten many images from
this trail, on many hikes, at many times of the year (except winter;  I
have not braved that one as of December 2006).  This tree is one of
many wonderful things to see once you have reached the lake.  We
had just reached the lake on October 14, 2006 and immediately sat
down for lunch at the closest available spot along the shore where
this tree came to ground.  It was fairly cool that day.  We could feel
that the season had shifted and there was just enough color left on
the trees so that if the coolness in the air was not enough to tell you it
was October, the leaves would remind you.  Roots are always
interesting to me, but I hardly  ever get to see them.  When I have
seen roots, it is because they have been yanked up and even though
some dramatic event brought this tree down, it looks peaceful where
it rests now.
Roots in Lake Serene
Lake Serene Trail          Washington
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