Yellowstone Burn is one of my first attempts at a black and white
image.  We went on a winter trip into Yellowstone with some of my
family in late February of 2004.  As we took the snow cat to the lodge
we stopped and looked at an area that had burned in the huge forest
fires of 1988.  It made me sad even though I know the benefits that
burns can bring.  For me, the burn went deeper than just what was
popping up on the surface through the snow; hence the burn
treatment along the bottom.  Personally, I am always sad to see a
burned path of land, and a forest fire's aftermath makes me feel a tad
empty inside.  However, it still amazes me to watch the life grow back.  
Trees sprout and the grass grows, and I can smile knowing someday
I can come back and see it green again.
Yellowstone Burn
Yellowstone National Park       Wyoming
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