This photo was taken July, 2004 at Lake Grinnell located in Glacier
National Park. I think it is pretty apparent in the photograph, but that
was a glorious day.  To get to Upper Grinnell (at the base of the
mountains in the background) you take two boat trips and a small
hike between them.  It is a great way to see the lake and get far into
the hills with less effort than some of the other trials.  This image was
taken right after we got off the boat. During that boat ride we had the
privilege of watching a black bear wander along the shore looking for
some food.  We got to watch the bear for some time and from a safe
place which I personally feel is the best way to see them.  There were
some hikers on a near by trail above the bear and it was unclear if
they had seen it, so it was kind of tense for a little while, but they
soon saw the bear and made their way past without disturbing it too
Lake Grinnell
Glacier National Park - Montana
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