This is a view from Washington Pass on September 30, 2006.  We
were taking our first drive over the North Cascade Highway and
showing one of our relatives the beauty of the Cascades.  It was a
tad chilly and very windy that day, but I found this spot off the
highway and down a small path.  A few people were talking and
milling about near the road so it was nice to step away if only for a
little while.  A few moments later, a couple asked me to take their
photo.  The man showed me how to use his camera, asked me if I
was sure I got it, and thanked me.  I hope that the photo came out
well for them; they looked pleased to be up there.  We did not have a
chance to head back there this fall as the snow fell in October and
the road closed early, but I suspect we will have many more fun trips
in the North Cascades.
Washington Pass
Noth Cascades, Washington
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