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Brad Shuber

Creative Leadership | Art Direction
Hello!  Thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate your time; I hope you find it a good use of it. I have been in the industry for a while now, so I thought I would provide a quick summary of what I would bring to a team:

  • Art Direction:  I have partnered with internal and external teams to establish compelling visual directions that supported and enhanced story, design, and dev.  I have taken this art direction from concept to beyond launch with deep documentation as well as providing critical, detailed, yet encouraging feedback at every stage of a project's life cycle.

  • Creative Direction:  I have directed games, experiences, campaigns with responsibilities beyond art direction. I have created game design documents, narrative structure and details, UI / UX direction and documentation, player experience goals and established project pillars.  I was a foundational member responsible for the initial design and creation of the Minecraft character creator as well as the Bedrock version of the Minecraft Marketplace.

  • Team Management: I have led both internal and outsourced art teams of all sizes, comprised of diverse individuals, around the world, and of all levels of experience.

  • Executive Leadership: Experience with leadership roles at an executive, studio, project, and individual team levels. I have also been responsible for communicating project goals, progress, and plans outward to executive leadership at organizations like Xbox Game Studios.

  • Brand Management: I have partnered with various teams and companies to represent large international brands like Minecraft to maintain the franchise goals and ideals.

  • Experience Beyond Just the Product: I have been responsible for creating and directing experiences and products that support the life cycle of the product.  This includes events, physical merchandise, store displays, marketing, as well as print and video interviews.

  • Alternative platform Experience:  I have created projects, demos, and showcase experiences on alternative platforms including VR, AR, and HoloLens

A few of my Recent Projects, Click on Logos for Details.
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