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About Me

I have been in the games industry for over... well it's been a  long time, I guess have been in the industry since the 1900's! In that time, I have had a wide range of experiences and opportunities. 

My career has taken me from an artist working on racing simulations to a Principal Art Director and inspirational leader at Xbox. I have also founded and run 2 small independent game studios.

I have experience with establishing compelling visual directions that supports and enhances story, design, and dev. I have been responsible for coordinating and communicating the process, the progress, and results to various members of the organization.  This would include the members of the art team themselves to XBOX and other Microsoft executive leadership team members. 


I have directed small prototype teams as well as large production teams comprised of diverse individuals of all levels of experience.


I have taken projects from concept to completion and supported projects beyond release with various amounts of diverse DLC content.

As a leader, my role has always been very dynamic.  Some days I gave reassurances that someone’s quality is meeting the mark and some days I guide them when it is not.  Some days I worked to maintain our team’s schedule and some days I pushed beyond it.  Some days I directed exactly how things need to be done while most days I support others while they make those choices for themselves.  On the days I must make tough decisions, I make those decisions out of a commitment to be fair, balanced, and to strive for growth.

I feel privileged to have gotten to work with and to support a diverse group of amazing people.  I do everything I can to provide them chances for growth and encourage them as they flourish and find their place in this industry and beyond.

You will find in me a leader that values different viewpoints and listens before speaking.  A leader that drives teams through collaboration, inspiration and trust.  A leader that is not afraid to bring together teams of people more talented than myself, removing all obstacles, and then letting them shine.

I am excited to bring this experience to new projects or new situations and work through the wonderfully complex journey that creating world class entertainment is.

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